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February 12, 2019

Reunion Ideas

We would love to get some feedback regarding a Sunday afternoon picnic, a Friday night casual get together the night before the main dinner, and possibly a golf outing on the Friday before, or the Monday following our big weekend, any thoughts?  Any other ideas??  Come on, don't be shy, give us your best ideas....


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SuzAnne Moore-Banks on May 21, 2019 3:17 PM
This is a suggestion:

Would you consider having some kind of a Silent & Loud Auction, to raise money for the coffers?
There may be some who would love to attend, but can't come up with the money.  I've talked to a couple people, and all they have to live on is their Social Security Pittence.  Have it open to the public in the park perhaps. Get some local businesses to donate some goods, or tickets to dinner, or whatever.

I personally would love to donate a few things from the heart, to help our classmates out.   I simply can't think of another way to pay everyone back for all those splended memories I still possess of "back in the day"[as my adult children & grandchildren keep ribbibg me with]! 

Stolen from a song-
IF ""BACK IN THE DAY"  is wrong... I don't wanna be right!!

I would spearhead this if I didn't live in Exosphere 
from White Bear Lake, Minnesota!

How about it classmates??

Scott Montgomery on May 21, 2019 6:42 PM
Great idea SuzAnne, that did come up in our discussions but we need someone to run it.  Any volunteers?  We have raised a few bucks already via our donations page, plus all committee members each chipped in, the goal is to be able to help anyone that cannot afford it.  It would all be done anonymously so no one would know who the recipients were.  If anyone out there is good at setting up a live auction please contact me and let's talk!  

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