1) In your opinion, which of these 6 groups was the top Rock & Roll Band from our high school years?
The Who
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
Credence Clearwater
The Doors
2) What was your favorite class in High School?
History/Social Studies

3) What 5 year period was the best for popular music?
1950 - 1955
1956 - 1960
1961 - 1965
1966 - 1970
1971 - 1975
1976 - 1980
4) Who was your favorite teacher of the 6 listed below?
Joe Tamillo
Joe Rukavina
Ron Sass
Bruce Getchell
Fred Konrath
David Erickson

5) Who was your favorite teacher of the 6 listed below?
Shirley Hansen
Mary Smits
Frank Perpich
Keith Smelser
Nancy Erickson
Owen Plauda
6) Who was the Senior Homecoming Queen?
Sue Ebel
Cindy Kieffer
Chris Abere
Julie Randklev
Valerie Mondor
Candy Mayor

7) What was your favorite movie from 1969-70?
Five Easy Pieces
Easy Rider
Midnight Cowboy
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
8) What was your favorite "Hangout" in high school?
Janzen's Restaurant
Big Ben Restaurant
Pizza Hut
Deans Ice Crean
Sunset Bowling Alley