As you can probably imagine, organizing and staging an event such as a class reunion can be time consuming and costly.  As a committee we have all "Chipped in" as have some other generous classmates, but we are still short of what we need to set things up on the front end, i.e. reserve a banquet hall for the dinner, pay for mailings, finding classmates, this website, etc.  Plus we would like to help those who would like to attend but are less fortunate.   

We are getting closer, but are still not where we need to be yet.  If you have been blessed and wish to help this process move forward your gift will be greatly appreciated!  The more we can get now the more we will have available for other "Perks" at the dinner, and there will be more available to help those who are struggling financially, we don't want the lack of money to keep anyone from being able to attend.  Who knows, it could be an old friend of yours that your donation helps!

BTW, we have no idea who this guy is but we all say "THANKS" too!
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$ 3,188

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