Postponed again??  YES!!  Based on the status of events currently transpiring in our country, and the fact that we have no idea what things will look like in June of this year, the Reunion Committee has elected to push out our 50th reunion to October 10th, 2021.  The venue will be the same, as will the ticket price.  If you already have your ticket you're good to go, if you don't it is time to get yours as soon as possible!  

Let's look at the positive side, October weather is awesome, and the trees should be in full fall colors by then, it will be a great time!  Any ideas or recommendations for fall events that we could partake in are welcomed.... :-)

Since our last reunion almost 20 years ago technology has come a long way.  We now have a way to locate old classmates electronically, which theoretically should make it easier for everyone, right?  Let's see if that holds true in this case.  Please help us make this page a success by adding your personal profile with as much information as possible including pictures, family info, etc. along with your contact info so any and all old friends will be able to reach you to catch up.  In addition, please pass along the address of this website to any classmates you can think of from our 1970 class.  This website will be as successful as we collectively make it, so let's all be interactive and add whatever we can to the effort! 

This site will grow and modify over time as more and more classmates are added to the mix.  If you see something that is incorrect, or you have any suggestions or ideas to improve this forum please do not be shy, let us know what you think, we want this to be a collaborative group effort.  We will be continually adding information on reunion events, restaurants, hotels and other pertinent information as it becomes available so keep an eye on this site periodically. 

Please take time to CHECK OUT ALL OF THE PAGES ON THIS SITE; See how much you remember from the 60's by taking the quiz on the "Pop Quiz" page and click on the "Poll Page" so we can get your opinions on a range of subjects (all for fun)!  Please leave us a message on the "Message Boards", and check out the "Lostmates" page to see if you can help us find friends.  We have loaded the pictures from our past reunions on the "Photo Albums" page and would love it if you could add any pictures you might have from school or any other time in life! 

Don't forget to "RSVP" and sign the "Guest Book", no sneaking in and out of this website, we have hall monitors....

Who likes to Blog?  Share any thoughts, memories or any information on our "Blog Page", we are interested in what you have to say!  And of course don't forget to look at the "1970 Happenings" page, take a step back in time and let's see how much you remember from 1970.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this endeavor, and also your patience moving forward.  We look forward to seeing all of you in the summer of 2020, and regaining lost friendships in the meantime!!

Thanks for visiting your reunion website!

The White Bear Lake Class of 1970 Reunion Committee
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